Advanced Analytics Solutions to Data Challenges

Data is ever growing and everyone is talking about Big Data as data has become poly-structured and heterogeneous and data volumes are growing. We live in a world of insights. Enterprises want to get accelerated insights into the data to make insightful decisions and stay competitive.

To get insights we need tools, technologies and platforms, and data services. Enterprises are frustrated by lack of gains from investments. Because, putting together open stack components to solve a problem is challenging and time consuming. Also, it is time consuming and expensive to collect data and clean data to be usable by Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

iFusion Analytics’ patented scalable and distributed platform comes with ‘out of the box’ rich analytics algorithms. It collects poly-structured data from heterogeneous sources and federated data stores. It cleans data, curates data and makes the data ready for Data Analysts and Data Scientists to Accelerate Insights and Build Solutions at reduced cost.

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Key Features

  • A patented platform for accelerated insights and analytics solutions.
  • Reduce project cost by 50% and delivery time by 50%.
  • A new and innovative approach to ingest data from several sources quickly and effortlessly.
  • Provides unified view of federated data.
  • Supports a rich set of out of the box and customized Machine Learning algorithms for Predictive Analytics.
  • Integrates with popular BI tools such as Tableau and Pentaho leveraging current skills and protects current investments.

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