Innomind's iFusion Analytics
Wins 2020 Data Breakthrough Award
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iFusion Legacy System Transitions
iFusion offers an economical low-risk path helping for a gradual transition,
off from the legacy systems and onto the modern systems.
iFusion Analytics wins the
'Cloud Analytics Product
of the year 2017' Award
The first Integrated
Big Data as a Service (IBDaaS) offering
Extract business value from your data from day one using
out-of-the-box, business-first data pipelines and algorithms.

iFusion makes IBDaaS a Reality

Big Data Analytics Solutions out of the Box

Delivering Business focused solutions based on Big Data principles is at the core of the iFusion Analytics proposition. We deliver accelerated insight by bringing our experience and understanding to a problem and then utilising our extensive catalogue of Prefabricated Templates and Data Science Algorithms to reduce the time to completion. This process allows iFusion Analytics to deliver product based business answers in a service based methodology. This we call Integrated Big Data as a Service - IBDaaS.

We collect data at source and flow it through our datastore and into our analytics capabilities connecting to external resources where appropriate. The IBDaaS Framework approach enables enterprises large and small to rapidly unlock the potential within their datasets and utilise this to deliver operational, prescriptive and predictive analytics to the benefit of their business.

Advantages of iFusion

Open Source Technologies Open Source Technologies
Benefit from the inherent advantages of data collection and analytics solutions built on open source technologies such as access to cutting-edge capabilities in real time.
_0007_right-tools.png Scalability of Data and Algorithms
Use iFusion to handle large amounts of heterogenous data to help you solve large scale problems. Everything about this big data solution is big, except the cost.
_0006_scalability.png Minimizing Need for Experts
Get off the ground faster with iFusion’s catalog of built-in data analytics algorithms, while using its support for multiple algorithm languages to allow your data scientists get more complex stuff done faster.
_0008_open-source-tech.png Automated and Intuitive
Reduce human intervention by automating repetitive tasks through our data science capabilities by using machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.
_0007_right-tools.png Extensible
Do more with your data by using the IBDaaS approach. iFusion’s data repository allows you to mine, correlate and access the same data for different purposes.
_0006_scalability.png Real Time
Leverage iFusion’s near real-time data analysis capabilities to compare and measure data streaming from multiple sources with archived historical data to give you a better and a clearer picture.

If you would like to learn how iFusion can help Accelerate Insight from your data please download the datasheet below.


We help Communication Service Providers do a great deal with their data

iFusion For

Communication Records Management

In an increasingly communications-driven environment, telephone calls create billions of records for every call or internet connection, completed, dropped and so on. Regulatory and business drivers require that CSP's store all this information for specified lengths of time.

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fraud Detection
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Recemmendation
  • Internet of Things
  • Predective Analysis
Solutions Page 2 Image
Detect Unusual patterns in real time

iFusion For

Anomaly Detection

With the ability to collect and store large amounts of heterogeneous data, comes the ability to identify unusual behavior. However, to be able to do this, you need the right tools. Tools that can collect data from different sources, store data in a variety of forms so that it is accessible in an easy and quick way, analyze data by using complex algorithms and present analysis in an easy-to-read and useful manner.

iFusion’s anomaly detection solution can help you create a variety of solutions in security enhancement, fraud detection, and predictive analysis.

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