About Us

In today’s world of ever increasing data collection and insights, there remains an industry frustration on the lack of end-to-end solutions to deliver value based on Big Data: the challenge is to choose among many tools to build a workable Big Data technology Stack, getting data into the system and then manage it, develop and run the analytics and finally deliver the obtained insights to the business users.

iFusion, an Innominds company, introduces a patented scalable and distributed platform comprising Big Data technology and out of the box rich analytics algorithms all pre-integrated to meet the needs of specific use cases. iFusion collects polystructured data from heterogeneous sources, cleans data and makes the data ready for Data Analysts and Data Scientists to accelerate Insights and to build solutions at a reduced cost.

Enterprises are in need of an end-to-end platform that reduces both the cost of developing analytics solutions and the time to accelerate business insights. In addition, start-up companies building analytics solutions require a platform to take care of data pipeline, ingestion and visualization so that the resources can focus on the core domain-specific analytic solutions. Both will benefit from the iFusion IBDaaS (Integrated Big Data As A Service) platform where specific solutions are available for quick deployment and usage in any cloud, public and private or on premise.

In certain industry sectors iFusion will deliver a complete “Turnkey” solution against a specific business problem. The first of these is our Communication Records Management System (CRMS) designed to ease the collection, storage, management and query of very large volumes of communication records for security or internal analysis purposes.


Divakar Tantravahi
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Rao Yendluri
Chief Technology Officer
Ravi Meduri
Executive Vice President
Sairam Vedam
Chief Marketing Officer
Raj Ganti
President - Strategic Accounts