Computing Cloud Excellence Awards Winner: iFusion Analytics - Intelligent Collection and Edge Analytics

We are delighted to announce that iFusion Analytics was awarded “Cloud Analytics Product of the Year” at Computing Cloud Excellence Awards at London for the year 2017. The awards aim to recognize the very best of the UK's cloud industry, from the most innovative and compelling products and vendors, through to the top use cases from end-user firms. iFusion Analytics was much lauded for its “Intelligent Collection and Edge Analytics” solution offering, which when integrated with a Service Provider’s cloud environment, allows enterprises to maximise business value in the field while also ensuring that all pertinent data is transmitted to a centralized iFusion cluster securely and cost-effectively for detailed analysis and retention purposes.

As the outreach of Big Data and Analytics technologies moves beyond the confines of the data center, to enclose and assimilate the growth and amount of data being generated within all elements of the business, there is a dire need to collect this data in a much streamlined, intelligent manner.

This data increasingly is machine-generated and comes from various sources, like log files, sensor-generated datasets, structured and unstructured data. Businesses can obtain analytical insights from this much-provided information to improve their operations; ranging from predictive maintenance of equipment to anomaly detection to spotting emerging customer trends in near real-time.

By deploying Intelligent Collectors to perform “processing at the edge”, iFusion Analytics has the ability to act on insights gleaned locally even before this data is securely transmitted to the centre for overall analysis. This intelligent pre-processing and transformation close to the point of data generation, secures the ability to deploy additional capability features that can be utilized; say, for example, to provide local analytics or augment operational control of equipment being monitored.

When coupled with a private, networked cloud environment, such as the service offered by Interoute, the Virtual Data Centre and the owner of one of Europe’s largest private networks - the ‘iFusion Intelligent Collector’ allows enterprises to maximize business value in the field while ensuring that all pertinent data is transmitted to head office in a secure and extremely cost-effective manner for detailed analysis.

The Interoute Virtual Data Centre platform operates in all regional zones across the globe, allowing iFusion Analytics to collect, store and analyse data in the region it is generated, before forwarding it out-of-region if required, thus enabling businesses to comply with local data protection laws.

This platform provides a global infrastructure, extendable via local partners, to give iFusion customers access to their choice of information. Details of the Interoute and iFusion joint capabilities can be found in the News sections of their respective websites.

The diagram below shows a solution deployment for a European company which has manufacturing concern based in the Far-East but, R&D based in the US, and the company wanted to bring their data to the U.S. center for corporate analysis, yet also provide each of the locations the ability to gain insights from their own respective operations.


Processing data at the edge brings major benefits for an organization like cost- savings and gain better operational insights, including:

  • Optimised bandwidth: Sending pure raw data to a central facility can consume significant network capacity, potentially sending redundant information that could be stripped at the point of collection.
  • Improved Integrity: As the data is being managed end-to-end, the integrity of the information transfer can be guaranteed, so removing the overheads of multiple loading and retries.
  • Improved Security: Data is secured by means of encryption before ‘onward transmission’ ensuring it cannot be intercepted or tampered in the transit.
  • Resource Utilisation: By executing edge transformation and local analytics, the amount of resource needed centrally is reduced, as much of the work required for data ingestion has already been completed by smaller, lower- cost platforms.
  • Local Analytics and Decision Making: By providing real-time, quick insights into the data as it is collected, decisions can be taken fast locally, in a timely manner and acted upon instantly.
  • Local Regulations: Legal compliance and corporate policies define and control as to which data can reside and where. By transforming data even before it marks its journey and having an audit trail, organizations can make the most of their information while staying confident, they remain in compliance.

A key growth area perfect for Intelligent Collectors and processing at the edge is the growing Internet of Things (IoT) sector. Here, a multitude of devices and sensors produce data which is typically small in size but gigantic in volume.

Typically, this data is routed via a hub and is then made available for collection by an external process. The ability of iFusion Analytics to integrate and connect with numerous external sources at the edge and perform some local analysis allows for both local control and centralized analysis.   

An example IoT Deployment is shown below:

IOT enablement.png

By delivering Intelligent Collectors and processing-at-the-edge, iFusion Analytics allows the deployment of new and increasingly-flexible architectures designed to deliver maximum insight for the businesses in the required areas, at a cost and in a timeframe what was, previously considered impossible.

Our partnership with Interoute enables us to remove a significant amount of complexity and cost. The customer does not need to provide hardware and operational resource; consuming the solution on a pure service basis with no hidden costs.