Telco Data Analytics USA Awards

The 4th annual Telco Data Analytics USA Awards will take place on 28 November at the Crowne Plaza Conference Hall, Palo Alto celebrating the achievements of the best companies, solutions, products and innovations in the telco data industry. iFusion Analytics has been nominated in the category “Most Innovative Telco Big Data Analytics Platform”.

iFusion Analytics combines enterprise-class software with the latest open-source technology to deliver regulatory and security proficiency, providing organizations the most efficient and cost-effective means of collecting, storing and analyzing massive volumes of communications records, regardless of the type or number of data sources to be monitored.

iFusion Analytics offers the following benefits:

  • Captures all Call Data Records and Internet Communication Records from relevant sources
  • Storage of multiple years of data online with immediate access
  • Full data analysis capability with easy extraction of the specific records of interest
  • Exceptional data ingest, decode, transform, loading and querying performance

iFusion Analytics’ purpose-built data store does not rely on expensive relational database management system (RDBMS) technology, resulting in significantly more cost-effective data management. It effectuates high performance reporting & analysis, and eliminates the need for organizations to make operational and compliance compromises with regard to which data to collect, and how long to retain and utilize the communications data online.

iFusion Analytics delivers a modular architecture based on a Hadoop stack that takes full advantage of parallel processing, and clustered repositories – assuring consistent collection, analysis and availability that is scalable to meet both performance and cost targets.

iFusion Intelligent Collection and Edge Analytics

In its default deployment mode iFusion Analytics provides a massively scalable data platform for advanced analytics. This creates new business value by providing analytics capabilities beyond standard retention, investigation and billing purposes such as building prediction models for customer “churn” or equipment failures.

As the reach of Big Data and Analytics technologies moves beyond the confines of the data center to encompass the growth of data being generated within all elements of the business, there is a requirement to collect this data in an intelligent fashion to create even more business value.

This data is increasingly machine-generated, whether in the form of log files, sensor-generated datasets or other structured and unstructured formats. Businesses can glean analytical insights from these information sources to improve their operations; from predictive equipment maintenance to anomaly detection to spotting emerging customer trends in pseudo-real-time.

By deploying Intelligent Collectors to perform “processing at the edge”, iFusion Analytics has the ability to act on insights gleaned locally even before data is securely transmitted to the center for overall analysis. This intelligent pre-processing and transformation closer to the point of generation brings the ability to deploy additional capability that can be utilised, for example, to run “data preparation” code. One example might be to securely store original raw log data before aggregating Internet session records prior to forwarding as a single event to downstream data stores.

When coupled with a Service Provider’s cloud environment, the iFusion Intelligent Collector allows enterprises to maximise business value in the field while also ensuring that all pertinent data is transmitted to a centralized iFusion cluster securely and cost-effectively for detailed analysis and retention purposes.

This capability has been awarded the Cloud Analytics product of the year in the UK -

A live deployment of iFusion Analytics to a major Telco operator with 54 million subscribers was ingesting an average of 1 billion daily events, primarily from Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) and Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) platforms, but traffic growth and new analytics requirements meant that their existing data warehouse solution could no longer cope.

Initially deployed as an “offload” solution to lighten the load on their data warehouse, iFusion Analytics quickly demonstrated that even the relatively small iFusion platform deployed was more than capable of handling peak ingest rates in excess of 2 billion events daily along with re- transformations of existing datasets.

The solution implemented supports combinations of ASN.1, binary and plain text log files and provides easy drag-and-drop workflows for creating end-to-end stream for log file retrieval, decode, transform and load, with all stages utilizing the parallel processing power of Hadoop cluster technologies.


A key requirement is for real-time online submission of mass investigation queries. A typical query requests analysis of 1,500 individual cell phone numbers spanning a 31-day period across 3 MSC sources (Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia.) Query run time on the legacy warehouse was typically 8+ hours, this reduced to less than 5 minutes with iFusion Analytics. enabling major improvements to the existing business process.

iFusion Analytics fully embraces the concept of the “data lake” – which is easily configurable for handling any number of data sources, via a “data virtualization layer” enabling standard SQL to reference not just the iFusion Analytics data stores but other platforms such as Oracle, Hadoop, etc. for retrieval of external enrichment data, for example demographic data, rate information, device configurations etc.

iFusion Analytics also enables transparent archiving of data from HDFS to the customer’s existing EMC Centera object storage cluster whilst maintaining access to these “offlined” records within a single query.