Anomaly Detection
Find unusual patterns in real-time, take preventive action!

Success is the ability to see and to seize an opportunity. An eternal truism, but the ubiquitous computer and its data crunching ability has made it less a matter of chance and more a matter of seeing the right data; or to be more precise seeing the anomaly in the data.

The pervasiveness of the Internet, coupled with social media and wearable devices gives organizations access to data on scales never before seen in history. Companies are scrambling to harness this power and provide the sort of customized services that would not have been possible at the turn of the millennium.


Eliminate Complexities
iFusion makes it easy to deploy your big-data solution quickly and with minimum fuss.
Combine Data from Multiple Sources
iFusion lets you collect data from myriad sources and present them in a useable manner.
Pipelining and Parallelism
iFusion uses innovative and cutting-edge solutions to help run your queries faster – saving you time and manpower.


Many organizations see big data as a way to provide better service to their customers. However, a good big data solution takes time to build and implement. It requires the ability to collect large amounts of heterogeneous data from multiple sources and to store this data in a way that is easy to retrieve and query information. In addition, the ability to build algorithms to extract useful information from large data stores and present this in a user or system readable form. Uncovering anomalies in these very large data sets can be very difficult to achieve.

Our Solution

iFusion is an end-to-end big data solution that answers an organization’s most pressing needs when trying to build and deploy a big data solution. It eliminates the complexities involved with collecting poly-structured data from heterogeneous sources. iFusion’s built-in connectors let you collect data from RDMS, NoSQL, machine data and social media.

The Data Virtualization layer lets you combine data from multiple sources without requiring the data to be moved around. This data is then presented in a familiar table (row-column) format.

iFusion’s workflow engine comes with a set of pre-built algorithms which enable your data scientists get going faster without requiring the algorithms to be built from scratch. Furthermore, iFusion supports a variety of algorithm languages such as R, Distributed-R, SparkML and Python, which lets you write algorithms in the language with which you are most familiar and proficient.

iFusion combines pipelining and parallelism with innovative data storage techniques to help you run your algorithms faster and retrieve information faster.   As this inbuilt functionality uncovers patterns within the data sets any changes detected in these patterns can be quickly flagged up as Anomalous and acted upon as part of the operational process.

In short, iFusion is your one-stop solution to quickly deploy a big data solution at an affordable cost.


"The real challenge with Anomaly Detection systems is to make them human independent and unsupervised and to learn new patterns automatically. Also, it is important to know not just that the anomaly occurred but why and how it can be fixed. iFusion provides a prescriptive analytics framework to do just that."

Ravi Meduri
VP of Analytics 

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