Communication Records Management
Ingest billions of records per day, execute multi-hour queries in minutes!

As the term “global village” becomes a reality, the telephone, in its various guises has become ubiquitous. Both professionally and personally, millions of calls and Internet connections are made each day and these in turn generate many billions of records. The sheer volume of data generated by our telecommunications is staggering. Regulations require all call data to be stored for specific durations. 


Enterprise-class Software
iFusion is built to handle large amounts of data making it enterprise-ready from the start.
Optimized Data Storage and Retrieval
iFusion reduces retrieval times because of its unique approach to data storage.
Pre-written Algorithms
iFusion comes with pre-written algorithms which means you start seeing results faster.


While storing all this data is a problem by itself, querying it in a time sensitive manner is very difficult. An unoptimized system could take hours, if not days, to retrieve the required information. However, time is of the essence and you may not have the luxury of days, or even hours, to wait for the information. The requirement is for a system that optimizes data storage and retrieval.

Our Solution

iFusion combines enterprise-class software with open-source technologies to deliver an effective means of collecting, storing, and analyzing massive amounts of communication records. Our databases are designed to handle both large volumes of data as well as a variety of data. All this data is stored online, making it instantly available at all times.

iFusion’s unique approach to data storage and retrieval enables cutting retrieval times by large margins. In one instance, a customer was able to reduce retrieval times from eight hours to under five minutes.

iFusion’s data storage and retrieval capabilities are supported by pre-written algorithms that come bundled with the product. This enables you to get started faster and with a lower investment.


"iFusion provides a major step change in performance for CSPs. In one specifc example we reduced a security query from just under 8 hours to under 5 minutes on a comparable infrastructure allowing the operator to significantly improve their response to Law Enforcement."

Divakar Tantravahi, 
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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