Intelligent Collection
Edge Based Analytics with Secure and Compliant Data Transportation

Organizations accumulate overwhelming amounts of data - from different departments internally, through customer interactions, and now increasingly from devices deployed at the edge of the enterprise including sensors and mobile devices. Companies can use this information to provide predictive maintenance of equipment or to make operational decisions based on anomaly detection techniques among others.

Intelligent Collection using iFusion, ensures that data is ready for analysis at the points where this can improve the business. Collection IS ENABLED close to where the data is generated, say a business unit, a factory, or a country specific operation. This data can be analyzed locally, and also transmitted to the center for overall analysis.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Reduced bandwidth for data transfer
  • End-to-end managed data integrity
  • Secured transmission via encryption
  • Distributed utilization of resources
  • Enables local decision making
  • Artificial intelligence based recommendations for actions based on behavior and best-practices.


Intelligent Collection is ideal for use within an Internet of Things (IoT) deployment, with large numbers of devices deployed to capture significant volumes of sensor data. iFusion can collect data directly from these devices or via hub points and can prepare it for local analysis and onward dispatch to a central control.

Through Intelligent Collection, iFusion Analytics enables organizations to deploy new and flexible architectures that are designed to deliver maximum insight to the business at a cost and time frame that were previously impossible.

"The iFusion Intelligent Collection capability allows users of our privately connected cloud solutions to utilise our multi-region capabilities across Europe, US and AsiaPac, for increased business flexibility and efficiency including secure, cost effective transport links and edge processing using the Interoute fibre optic network."

Phil Bates
Strategic Partner Manager, Interoute

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